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Budget-friendly devices for every classroom starting at $189

Protect your school and students

Secure your data, create a safe learning environment, and ensure privacy and compliance, on campus and across all devices.

My ability to manage remotely using Intune is great. When people have lost their devices or had them stolen, it‘s simple for me to track those devices from the Azure panel. And with Intune helping to protect the information on the devices, we get extra safety.
Craig Browning, IT Director, Davidson Academy

Secure your data with Microsoft Education

Protect identity, apps, data and devices with intelligent security, and use a single web-based console to manage data archiving, governance, and discovery.

Create a safe, engaging learning environment

Give students and teachers the tools they need to transform classroom time. Improve collaboration and teamwork, and enable rich conversations with text, video, and voice within a secure learning environment.

Protect and secure your data

Free on-demand training helps you keep your data and devices secure with Office 365 Education and stay up-to-date on the latest compliance standards.


Meet privacy and compliance standards

Built with standards of trust, transparency, and privacy, Microsoft’s comprehensive compliance offerings meet all national, regional, and industry-specific data collection and use requirements.

Stay ahead of security challenges

Protect your data, manage mobile devices and apps, and virtualize your desktops with identity-driven innovations that keep your school secure and productive.