Windows 10 Pro in S mode:Great for Education1

Windows 10 Pro in S mode is an enhanced security mode of Windows 10 – streamlined for security and superior performance1

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Microsoft-verified security

Reduces the risk of malware that can harm student and educator devices, because only Microsoft-verified applications can be installed.

“The security and anti-virus protections built into Windows 10 in S mode are very important to us. We don’t have to worry about a student accidentally downloading something they shouldn’t, Windows 10 in S mode security keeps our devices and our students safer.” – Lucrecia Higueros, Education, English-as-a-Second Language Teacher, Colegio Centro Americano (A Microsoft Showcase School), Retalhuleu, Guatemala

Performance that lasts

Windows 10 in S mode is designed to deliver performance that lasts2. Provides all-day battery life to keep students on task and not tripping over cords. Also, verified apps won’t degrade device performance over time.

Streamlined for Speed

Offers faster log-in times so teachers spend less time waiting and more time teaching.

Marshall Public Schools keeps devices up to date with Windows 10 in S mode

“We like the simplicity and the ability to manage so many different things that were not possible in Windows 10 alone.” – Todd Pickthorn, District Network Services Coordinator, Marshall Public Schools
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Windows 10 in S mode delivers speed to tech-savvy Australian school

“The biggest advantage of Windows 10 in S mode for us is its speed. It has a fast time to load-up and fast Internet browsing. Kids get frustrated when things take time, so the quicker something loads up and we can get on with the lesson, the better it is for teachers and the students.” – Andre Monardo, Technology Coordinator and an Assistant Vice Principal, Werrington County Public School

Colegio Centro Americano prepares students with Windows 10 in S mode

“As a teacher, I feel confident in the security and anti-virus safeguards building into Windows 10 in S mode. It’s safer for my students than the tablets and iPads we were using previously. They don’t have to worry about accidentally downloading something they shouldn’t.” – Lucrecia Higueros, Teacher, Colegio Centro Americano

Escola Bosque expands their learning platform to Windows 10 in S mode

“The speed and performance in the classroom is the main feature for us. With Windows 10 in S mode, everything is faster, and our students are more engaged. Longer battery life means students no longer have to stop and charge their laptop or find a place to plug it in.” – Silvia Scurrachio, Director, Escola Bosque, Brazil

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1 Devices must be configured for educational use by applying SetEduPolicies, by using the free Set Up School PCs app.

2 Streamlined for security and superior performance. Windows 10 in S mode works exclusively with apps from the Microsoft Store within Windows and accessories that are compatible with Windows 10 in S mode. A one-way switch out of S mode is available. Learn more at

3 Touch capability required, pen accessory may be sold separately.

4 Office installed from the Windows Store is in preview and may occasionally behave in unexpected ways. As we add finishing touches, your Office will be updated automatically. Requires an Office 365 Education plan with Office client rights (e.g. Student Use Benefit). Learn more.

5 Sold separately.

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