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Find informative webcasts that show you how to utilize Microsoft technology solutions to enhance teaching and school management.

A convertible laptop in display mode showing Microsoft Onenote in use.

Enhance teaching and learning with Windows, Office 365, and OneNote

Inspire Learning with Microsoft 365 Education

Learn how Microsoft 365 Education empowers educators to unlock creativity, promote teamwork, and provide a simple experience in a single, affordable solution built for education.

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Office 365 Education Webcast series

Office 365 Education provides services that enable students to tackle challenges, analyze research and share their ideas for the future. In this webcast series, you’ll learn the basics of Office 365 Education, how to deploy the software and services, and stay informed on what's new.

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Get your school organized

Discover how to organize your school with OneNote Class Notebook and OneNote Staff Notebook. Learn how these free tools help educators save time on class administration.

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Protect and secure your school’s data with Office 365

Protecting student and teacher data is paramount for schools. See how to stay up-to-date with compliance and keep your data secure with Office 365.

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Collaboration and productivity for teaching and learning

In this series, explore how to create a digital notebook for your school, maximize learning with Windows 10, how to use Office 365 for professional development and collaboration.

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Create immersive and inclusive learning experiences

In this series, learn practical ways to use technology to empower staff and students to develop essential skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

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An open laptop showing Microsoft Azure running on the screen.

Optimize your school with Microsoft cloud and Azure solutions

Harnessing the power of the cloud and data in education

Analytics can help educators see issues that other teachers have observed, introduce early warnings and intervention needs, and help support students who need assistance.

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Protecting and securing your institution

Help protect your institution with Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), which provides security for mobile, on-premises, and cloud resources.

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Expand learning options and stream video with Azure Media Services

See how you can use Azure Media Services to support on-demand live streaming of lectures, student video portals, and, a large university video library.

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Accelerate academic research with cloud computing

Learn how Microsoft Azure brings unlimited possibilities to scientific discovery for affordable, data-intensive computing, as well as data storage and sharing.

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Getting started: Cloud in education

The cloud enables schools to do more with less. Learn how to get started moving to the cloud so you can enhance efficiencies, strengthen security, and help reduce costs.

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