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The LOOP team
"There's an easier way to remember the trips you've taken."
The LOOP team

Garage Team

Scott Seiber, Shuaib Rasool, Billy Chow

The LOOP team

Redmond, WA


Trip Tracker is build by the team that brought you Arrow Launcher and Next Lock Screen. A key part of Arrow, Next, and now Trip Tracker is contextual location features. Our team is now offering some of those same contextual capabilities through a new developer platform: Location and Observation Platform (LOOP).

The LOOP SDK helps developers easily add location context to their apps. With LOOP, you can receive insights such as “Where is a user’s home or work?” or “What are the trips the user has taken?”.  LOOP turns location signals into location insights that developers can use to build contextual features like muting notifications when the user is driving, or triggering actions when the user arrives home.

By using LOOP, Trip Tracker took just a week to build. LOOP manages the heavy lifting of handling location in a battery efficient manner, and providing automatic trip detection. You can view the source code and fork our repo to build your own app at

We’re a team of developers, and want to hear from developers like you! The LOOP platform is currently in private beta. If you are interested in adding LOOP to your app, we’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more about LOOP and our apps, like Trip Tracker, by visiting