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Bring your customers into focus with the new Microsoft Customer Experience Platform

Siloed data can make it hard to get a holistic view of your customers and create long-lasting relationships. See how to gain the visibility you need.

Unlock the value of your customer data to create personalized experiences

Deliver more relevant customer engagements and build deeper connections using a platform that puts you in control of your customer data.

Own your customer relationships

Directly connect with your own customers on your own terms with full ownership of data.

Create raving fans

Predict customer intent to deliver the right content in the right channel in the right moment.

Engage in new ways

Deliver connected customer experiences across every touchpoint with AI-orchestrated journeys.

Nurture your customer experience

  • Bring together transactional, behavioral, and demographic data in real time to create an enriched 360-degree view of your customers for actionable insights.

  • Determine the next best opportunity or action and deploy AI models to maintain a pulse on customer lifetime value and churn rates.

  • Utilize AI-driven recommendations both online and in stores to deliver personalized customer engagements across channels.

  • Give your customers the option to purchase when, how, and where they want—on any device—by delivering a frictionless and consistent engagement across online and offline channels.

  • Help your marketers improve every step of your customers’ journeys. Use real-time KPIs and dashboards to track performance and boost conversion rates. Reduce your acquisition costs by optimizing content and channel effectiveness.

  • Increase digital traffic and conversion rates by combining your search and native ad campaigns. Activate rich segments and targeted lists to connect with your ideal customers and optimize engagement throughout the buying journey.

The Marketer’s Dilemma

Customer data is an essential resource to any business. So how are you capturing yours? It’s time to talk about data autonomy and how it’s set to change CX as we know it.

See how companies are transforming customer experiences

Walgreen Boots Alliance

Creating great experiences

Walgreens Boots Alliance delivers personalized omnichannel healthcare and shopping experiences.


Optimizing ad campaigns

Air France uses the Microsoft Audience Network to reach high-quality audiences and drive profitable bookings.

Campari Group

Create great brand experiences

Campari Group deepened its customer relationships with personalized marketing, sales, and customer service.

The Home Depot

Enhancing digital commerce

The Home Depot used PromoteIQ to launch a platform that manages and scales vendor-funded digital marketing.


Personalizing marketing

Chipotle personalizes the customer experience with the help of rich insights.

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Explore the Microsoft partner ecosystem for customer experience

Discover valuable resources

A person wearing PPE holding a tablet and operating a large piece of machinery.

Data Autonomy: The Key to Digital Marketing Transformation

Learn how data autonomy is critical to your organization to unify customer experience across channels, drive loyalty, and increase revenue.

Cloud Drives Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Deliver personalized experiences in times of change

Explore how to get the most out of your customer behavior data and capitalize on every customer interaction.

A person wearing safety gear looking at a tablet

Elevate customer experiences

Find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you win customers and earn loyalty.

Two people in PPE looking at a machine

Create valued customer engagements

Learn how organizations are supporting their customers by empowering them to take control of their journey in new and unexpected ways.

Explore products that are part of the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform

Orchestrate and automate customer journeys

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Unify data across the full range of sources to get a single view of customers.

Azure Purview

Maximize the value of your data with a unified data governance solution.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Discover new customer insights by applying custom AI and machine learning models to your data.

Microsoft Clarity

Understand how people are interacting with your website with a free, easy-to-use tool.

Orchestrate and automate customer journeys

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Orchestrate personalized journeys across all touchpoints and deliver meaningful experiences.

Activate on any platform

Microsoft Advertising

Connect with people where and when they’re ready to act, on sites they use every day.

Microsoft PromoteIQ

Generate incremental revenue by working directly with your brand partners.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Increase customer satisfaction, accelerate purchase decisions, and empower store employees.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Accelerate revenue with an intelligent, comprehensive, collaborative digital sales solution.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Exceed customer expectations through empathetic, predictive, connected experiences across channels.

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Get started with the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform

Contact your account executive to learn more about deploying this end-to-end marketing solution or have a Dynamics 365 expert contact you. Send a request.

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