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Experience the CXM Insight Series

Learn how to deliver the modern customer journey and create loyal customers in the CXM Insight Series with Microsoft and Adobe. Hear from a collection of customer experience management (CXM) experts—including executives, engineers, and market leaders—and discover new ways to elevate the customer experience and set your brand apart.

Adobe and Microsoft.

Microsoft at Adobe Summit

What has the rapid shift in digital transformation meant for Microsoft’s consumer and commercial businesses? Join Microsoft Corporate Vice Presidents, Stephanie Ferguson and Tuula Rytila, as they sit down with Adobe VP, Patrick Brown to share leadership lessons and how the partnership has enabled Microsoft to accelerate business results, drive innovations, and value for consumers.

Featured customer stories

Microsoft Adobe Enterprise partnership

A person working on a laptop in a server room.

Create better customer experiences on a secure and scalable digital foundation

Memorable customer experiences require the right digital foundation. Microsoft Azure’s intelligent, hybrid cloud platform pairs with the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions to deliver compelling and secure online experiences for your customers that drive your business.

Make faster, more informed decisions with Adobe Analytics and Power BI

Give your entire organization instant access to the insights they need—anywhere, at any time with the powerful combination of Adobe Analytics and Power BI. Since all the information is timely and in one place, teams can quickly identify new market trends and the opportunities that help drive business forward.

A team meeting in a conference room.

Securely e-sign documents quickly and easily

Adobe and Microsoft have teamed up to rethink the digital work experience. Learn how to empower stakeholders and simplify processes with end-to-end digital work experiences and e-sign documents with Adobe Acrobat Sign, all within Microsoft Teams.

Adobe and Microsoft: Two for the win

Microsoft and Adobe have come together to unite data, content, and processes in engineering, development, and marketing resources to extend global leadership in customer experience management solutions across every major industries and help customers transform their business.

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