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Verifying your base license when ordering Windows Upgrade installation services

Which customers need to verify their licenses?

This information is for Microsoft Volume Licensing customers who order software upgrade installation services for computers, also known as “imaging.” These services involve the installation of a Volume Licensing Windows Upgrade operating system product by a PC manufacturer, known as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or Licensing Solution Provider (LSP).

When you order Volume Licensing Windows Upgrade operating system product installation services for computers from an OEM or LSP, you are required to certify that a qualifying Windows operating system base license has been purchased for these computers. OEMs and LSPs are required to directly collect this certification from their customers before they install images on the computers.

Volume Licensing software cannot be installed until the customer provides this verification in writing (see details below).

What is a “qualifying Windows operating system”?

Windows Upgrade operating system software licensed through Volume Licensing agreements can be placed only on computers that have an appropriate Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for a qualifying Windows base license. For example, in the case of a computer being imaged with Windows Enterprise under a Volume Licensing agreement, a COA for a qualifying base operating system, such as Windows Pro, must first be affixed to the computer, and the appropriate license must be purchased. Learn more about qualifying Windows operating systems.

To reduce the potential for mis-licensing, before an image can be installed, you must complete the “Microsoft Customer License Verification for Upgrade Installation Services for Microsoft Windows Operating System Software by Third Parties” form and return it to the OEM or LSP that is performing Windows Upgrade operating system installation services.

OEMs and LSPs must verify with customers that each computer that is distributed with Windows Upgrade operating system software has a COA for the appropriate qualifying Windows license, and they must cooperate in investigations related to possible piracy or mis-licensing.

How do I complete the verification process?

  1. Download and complete the Microsoft Customer License Verification for Upgrade Installation Services for Microsoft Windows Operating System Software by Third Parties form.
  2. Sign, date, and send the completed form to your OEM or LSP.
Note: To return the form, follow the return instructions provided by your OEM or LSP. Do not send this form to Microsoft.

Who can answer my questions?

  • For questions about the verification process, contact your OEM or LSP.
  • For questions about your Volume Licensing agreement, contact your Microsoft Volume Licensing account manager.
  • For all other questions, contact Microsoft customer support.

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