Product licensing briefs

Licensing briefs provide in-depth knowledge of licensing topics. They are particularly useful for learning about complex licensing situations involving new technologies or combinations of products.

General Servers Desktop Virtualization


October 2018
Covers use rights for Microsoft Office for the Windows operating system acquired as a software product under a desktop application license (typically, a perpetual license).

October 2018
Addresses commonly asked questions about how to license Office 365 ProPlus subscription service through Volume Licensing.

October 2018
Answers frequently asked questions about licensing the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office to run on the Mac.

August 2015
Provides an explanation of Microsoft operating system license requirements for initial operating systems, the transfer of licenses, and the reassignment of licenses.

March 2014
Clarification of Microsoft Volume Licensing policies for the Windows client, Windows Server, and Windows MultiPoint Server operating systems when the potential for multiuser scenarios exists.

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