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What is content management in the era of AI

Embracing the age of modern solutions 

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for many years was the foundation of content organization and management. As business needs continue to expand, and content is growing at incredible pace and scale, technology needs to evolve alongside it. With that, ECM has been considered obsolete due to its limitations and the emergence of more flexible, integrated solutions. The shift towards Content Services and Intelligent Information Management (IIM) offers modular, intelligent, and accessible content management practices that meet modern organizational needs more effectively. 

The new era of work 

Content is the lifeblood of your organization. It’s what we use to share ideas, work together, and make decisions. But content can also be a challenge. There’s so much of it, in so many different formats, and you need to keep it secure.  

We’re making and using more content than ever – billions of new documents are added every business day. And content is more than just traditional documentation – it includes PDFs, meeting recordings, video files, invoices, contracts, and more -spanning across a growing range of content types, many of which are unstructured forms of information or handwritten documentation. And with the immergence of generative AI, even more content will be created every year at a scale never seen before. 

Some common needs you’ve probably heard of: 

  • Unify multiple content platforms and break down information silos while preventing content sprawl
  • Automate content and document processing
  • Deliver and work with content in the flow of work with integrated content management
  • Balancing ease of use with IT security and compliance so you can collaborate with confidence

Since content is at the core of every business and every business process, it’s essential that resources are used efficiently.  

What is content management? 

Content management encompasses a collection of AI-powered services that add value to the content you create and puts the content to work for you. Being able to organize, find, and manage content through its lifecycle is crucial for a successful business. With a rich amount of content service tools available you can automate normally mundane tasks, safeguard, secure, and manage sensitive data and information, or create net new content from metadata. 

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Content experiences and content management are most useful when they address common business outcomes and challenges. Modern content  solutions need to address scenarios like:  

  • Collaboration – working with managed content seamlessly in flow of work, using common applications for communication and shared development of
  • Governance – Apply AI powered security and compliance to protect information, respect privacy and ensure compliance with organizational and governmental standards while minimizing legal and operational risks. Protect and manage information throughout its lifecycle.
  • Intelligent document processing — Capture, transform, and process data from documents using AI technologies so extracted data can be analyzed, categorized, transformed, and exported to external systems.
  • Business content workflows – Automate common processes across the content lifecycle to create, approve, manage, and take action with common document types like contracts, orders, applications, statements of work (SOWs) invoices, proposals, presentations and more.


The 2023 Forrester Wave leader in Content Platforms 

We’re excited to share that Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm, published its report, The Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q1 2023


Content management and content experiences 

A broad range of content solutions, fully managed to be integrated in your flow of work. 


A flexible content platform 

  • Collaborate – Empower teams with dynamic sites, sync and share files, data, and resources securely.
  • Inform – Publish info & resources on your intranet. Tell your story with beautiful custom sites and personalized, targeted news.
  • Deliver – Access, manage and store collaborative and transactional content in our flexible high scale cloud platform.


Bring AI, automation, and added security to your content experiences Manage and ground your content in AI, so it’s primed for user experiences. 

  • Content processing – better organize your content to maximize its value with AI-driven automation and intelligence to build, classify & tag documents.
  • Content experiences and solutions – boost employee productivity, improve your business processes by keeping content fresh, enable discovery, and collaborate on hundreds of file types. Optimize critical business processes like contracts, invoices, SOWs, NDAs, and more with AI, security and workflow.
  • Content governance – maintain security and compliance by managing the content lifecycle and control access with simple yet powerful tools.


Backup and restore large volumes of your data and manage growing content.  

  • Leverage unprecedented speeds in backup and restoration solutions.
  • Manage your growing content volume storage costs with cost-effective tiered storage without sacrificing manageability, security, and compliance 

The evolution of content management is here. Solutions like ECM paved the way for new innovations and productivity solutions that reimagine how businesses work, collaborate, and share. Transforming your business with powerful tools, and the integration of AI, to automate, help better manage and understand content, while maintaining security and compliance across your business. 

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