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Microsoft Supply Chain Platform

Create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain using an open, flexible, collaborative, and secured supply chain platform—and meet your business and customer commitments profitably, every time.

A collage of people working on devices in warehouses and a person signing for a package

Connect your ecosystem

Get more value from your data across new and existing solutions with a platform that connects your entire supply chain.

Better navigate disruption

Predict supply chain disruptions before they happen and proactively address risks through intelligent orchestration.

Be ready for anything

Keep goods flowing with the agility to rapidly adjust to changing markets and meet evolving customer demands.

Accelerate sustainability

Meet your sustainability goals, improve brand perceptions, and minimize the carbon impact of your organization.

Build resilience into your supply chain

  • A person writing on a piece of paper in a warehouse

    Enable a connected supply chain

    Bridge the gap across existing systems and reduce complexity with an open, intelligent supply chain platform that scales to meet your needs.

    The module library in Microsoft Supply Chain Center

    Open, extensible, and adaptive ecosystem

    Build on the systems you already have with a platform that accelerates time to value and allows your business to evolve as your needs change.

    A visual showing the connected data ecosystem that is the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform

    Unified supply chain platform

    Create seamless supply chain processes from design through delivery with a unified supply chain platform that connects all data sources.

    A list of data sources in Microsoft Supply Chain Center

    Streamlined data management (preview)

    Create a unified experience across different planning and execution systems and manage all your supply chain data from a single command center.

    A list of inspections for construction vehicles in PowerApps

    Low–code development

    Drive supply chain innovation by creating custom apps and processes for your business using tools that don’t require IT or development experience.

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  • A person working at their desk with icons showing potential disruptions across their supply chain

    Reduce risk with better visibility

    Predict and proactively mitigate disruptions with end-to-end visibility and orchestration across your entire supply chain.

    Demand forecast details for a company in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

    Demand management

    Improve forecast accuracy by using machine learning to predict demand based on historical data across sales channels.

    Supply chain intelligence

    Predict upstream supply constraints and shortages with visibility into your suppliers’ supply chains.

    An animation showing how a customer’s voice and behavioral pattern can be used to verify them and assist them faster.

    Supply and demand insights (preview)

    Accurately match supply and demand using AI and advanced analytics that incorporate news parsing of real-world events to help predict risk factors.

    An animation of a person using their voice to verify a purchase before it is made minimizing the risk of fraud.

    Performance tracking (preview)

    Assess key performance indicators (KPIs) of your supply chain in near real time and take corrective actions based on AI-driven recommendations.

    Supplier management

    Seamlessly onboard suppliers and provide them with a secured portal where they can quickly respond to bids and order changes.

    Real-time collaboration

    Mitigate supply issues by collaborating with external suppliers in near real time through Microsoft Teams.

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  • Two people wearing protective hard hats working

    Gain agility to meet market demands

    Adapt quickly to changing market conditions in order to meet your commitments and improve customer satisfaction.

    A sample order orchestration in Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

    Fulfillment optimization

    Ensure on-time delivery by optimizing fulfillment routes using a rules-based framework and easy-to-use order-journey orchestration.

    Pricing management

    Maximize profits by balancing fiscal goals, market demands, service costs, and inventory levels.

    Three mobile phones displaying warehouse management tools for cycle counting

    Warehouse management

    Optimize warehouse workforce capabilities using a mobile warehouse app and adapt to changing marketplace demands using rapid capacity expansion.

    A standard view of inventory for a company in Supply Chain Management

    Inventory optimization

    Optimize inventory levels to prevent stock-outs or overstock situations and lower operations costs.

    Overhaul in Microsoft Supply Chain Center showing shipment tracking and tracing

    Order track and trace (preview)

    Exceed service level expectations while ensuring on-time and in-full delivery by tracking and tracing orders in real time.

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  • A person wearing a hard hat looking at a tablet viewing data

    Improve efficiency and productivity

    Take advantage of intelligent automation to reduce costs, maximize operating margins, and improve employee experiences.

    An animation showing how the agent was able to proactively engage a customer about their cart based on predictive targeting.

    Manufacturing operations management

    Streamline manufacturing operations with an intuitive touch interface and automatically organize data pulled in from partner software systems.

    Production scheduling

    Optimize the use of equipment and resources with AI-driven, capability-matching, production scheduling.

    Asset productivity

    Raise overall equipment effectiveness, increase throughput, and ensure production quality by centrally managing all equipment health.

    An animation showing how the agent was able to proactively engage a customer about their cart based on predictive targeting.

    Preventative and predictive maintenance

    Prevent costly machine failures by predicting when asset maintenance is needed before it disrupts your production line.

    An animation showing how the agent was able to proactively engage a customer about their cart based on predictive targeting.

    Workforce productivity and safety

    Keep frontline workers safer while accelerating upskilling, reducing errors, and increasing yield with step-by-step holographic work instructions.

    An animation showing a customer starting a conversation with a live agent, the agent guiding the customer through th  annotated co-browsing and utilizing async to continue the conversation later when the customer was ready.

    Automated warehouse materials handling

    Automate repetitive tasks like picking and moving so that warehouse workers are free for more complex duties such as packing and shipping.

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  • A person walking in a greenhouse with the words sustainable and ethically sourced on either side of them

    Enhance security and sustainability

    Help protect your business and customer data while enabling sustainable design, sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

    A return being processed in Intelligent Order Management

    Sustainable returns

    Implement boxless returns with supporting carriers for less packaging waste and fewer, consolidated trips instead of individual customer returns.

    A question being viewed in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

    Ethical and sustainable sourcing

    Ensure compliance and improve brand affinity by building an ethical and sustainable supply chain network.

    A sustainability scorecard measuring emissions, energy and waste per supplier

    Sustainability scorecards

    Make data-driven decisions about supply chain changes to improve your metrics and further your sustainability goals.

    An overview of one year in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Actionable insights and public reporting

    Record, report, and reduce your carbon emissions using pre-configured dashboards that help you visualize emissions and what’s contributing to them.

    The circular economy which consists of consumer, take back, refurbish, materials, design, and produce.

    Circular economy

    Increase sustainability and reduce costs by enabling a circular economy with take-back programs and critical parts recovery from manufactured items.

    An overview in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

    End-to-end security

    Create a secured supply chain with multiple levels of cybersecurity, physical management, and endpoint security, plus continuous updates and patches.

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Preview Microsoft Supply Chain Center

Find out how to unify data to generate insights and orchestrate actions to proactively mitigate disruptions. 

Real customers. Real success.

A large truck driving down a highway

Delivering on commitments

Daimler Trucks North America used Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights to optimize its supply chain end-to-end, reducing downtime and increasing automation in order to better meet promised customer delivery dates.
A warehouse

Optimizing reuse, resale, and recycling

Microsoft used its own technology to create a reverse supply chain management solution for decommissioned servers and parts at their datacenters, resulting in 83 percent parts reuse.
Hands kneading bread

Baking in sustainability

Grupo Bimbo, a Mexico-based producer of baked goods, used Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to gather and monitor data across its operations and supply chain, accelerating progress toward its sustainability goals.
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Optimize your supply chain with help from a Microsoft partner

Accenture Avanade


Accenture helps you reimagine your supply chain as a digital network that operations in perfect harmony.



KPMG combines deep industry expertise with an agile approach to help you unlock value within your supply chain.



EY helps you build supply chain resilience, drive transformation, and reframe the future of your organization.



Use TCS Smart Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for more production agility and supply chain resilience.



PwC delivers supply chain strategies around client requirements—driving tangible value for your bottom line.

C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson

Get supply chain savings, reliability, and visibility with C.H. Robinson’s industry-leading platform and global services.



Improve your supply chain logistics with Overhaul’s data-driven visibility and risk management insights.



Using real-time data and powerful machine learning, FourKites delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Walmart GoLocal

Walmart GoLocal

Build and scale local delivery capabilities while owning the customer experience end-to-end.



Modernize your warehouse for the next generation of commerce with AI-driven automation from InVia. 

Explore supply chain resources

Explore supply chain products

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Mitigate supply chain issues with real-time visibility, agile planning, and business continuity.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Gain a single view across your organization with real-time visibility into inventory data.

Power BI

Discover hidden insights in your data for more confident decision making.

Power Automate

Use process mining capabilities to discover opportunities for high-value automations.

Microsoft Teams

Set up your team’s space so everything you need is visible any time, all in one place.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Discover insights from all your data and apply machine learning models to all your intelligent apps.

Azure Machine Learning

Train models transparently, assessing fairness through disparity metrics to mitigate unfairness.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Increase agility with AI-enriched forecasting and real-time, priority-based planning.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Adapt quickly to changing supply chain conditions and proactively manage disruption and constraints.

Power BI

Respond to changing conditions by quickly finding insights, making decisions, and taking action.

Microsoft Teams

Meet, chat, call, and collaborate easily and remain agile across hybrid work environments.

Microsoft 365

Digitally transform your organization with the business and productivity tools you need to be agile.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Streamline operations, adapt quickly, and operate sustainably with a predictive supply chain.

Dynamics 365 Guides

Create step-by-step holographic instructions that accelerate learning and reduce errors.

Power Apps

Empower everyone to build their own solutions that modernize processes and solve tough challenges.

Power Automate

Minimize repetitive, manual, time-consuming tasks by creating automations to improve efficiency.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Reduce project development time with a unified experience for developing analytics solutions.

Azure IoT

Use IoT sensor data to plan predictive maintenance that increases production efficiency.

Microsoft Teams

Help workers perform their best by providing the tools to better connect, engage, and deliver.

Power Apps

Build apps easily that connect to all your systems and processes—no development experience needed.

Power Automate

Easily create automations that connect apps, data, and services using connectors.

Power BI

Connect to and visualize any data using the unified, scalable business intelligence platform.

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Manage all your data with a single platform that connects databases, analytics, and data governance.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Implement sustainable manufacturing processes using the Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Amplify your sustainability progress with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) capabilities.

Power Apps

Easily build low-code apps that help you meet your sustainability goals.

Power Automate

Automate manual processes for efficiencies that help you meet your sustainability goals.

Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise

Create a secured supply chain by improving physical, endpoint, and cyber security.

Azure Active Directory

Secure your supply chain data and processes with multicloud identity and access management.

Microsoft Defender for IoT

Locate every connected IoT asset in your supply chain and monitor each continuously for intrusions.

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