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Our Approach to Modern Finance

Leveraging technology and process improvement to deliver greater impact

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The Four Pillars of Modern Finance Solutions 

We focus our Modern Finance initiatives across every area of finance, leveraging technology to solve big problems and transform how we deliver impact.

Financial Analysis & Reporting

Transforming legacy systems and tools to increase insight and productivity

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Strategy & Forecasting

Driving forward-looking forecasting and strategic decision making

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Business Process Automation

Enabling greater efficiency through chat bots and automated workflows

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Risk & Compliance

Harnessing technology to mitigate and proactively control risk

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Learning Library: Modern Finance in Action

Video Library: Modern Finance in Action

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Financial Analysis & Reporting

A Day in the Life of a CFO with D365

Learn how you can modernize your finance analytics, reporting, and operations.

Modernizing Microsoft Consumer Finance reporting and analytics

Watch how the finance team for the Microsoft Consumer business reimagined reporting and analytics.


Strategy & Forecasting

Intelligent cashflow forecasts in D365

See what’s possible with Dynamics 365 to help you improve your cash flow forecasting.

Using machine learning to forecast global revenue

Watch Microsoft’s story on integrating machine learning with FP&A.


Business Process Automation

Automate equipment requests and approvals

How Finance delivered an enterprise-wide solution in 48 hrs.

How to think about Automation in Finance

Using a SOX controls example to illustrate automation opportunities.

Identifying contract risk with cognitive services

Using advanced capabilities to provide richer insight.

Risk Management and Compliance

Creating a compliance analytics platform

How we increased compliance with better data visibility.

Finance Foundations: Cost Savings and Productivity

How Microsoft Finance uses Teams and Office

Leveraging new tools for increased productivity and partnership.

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