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London experience zone - wide shot of an area with dark wood walls, light wood floor, containing demonstration props such as a bright blue industrial pump and a telemedicine machine on casters.

Microsoft Technology Centers

The hub for innovation on the Microsoft Cloud

A range of tailored engagements from problem exploration through to technical proof

By invitation to our strategic customers, Microsoft Technology Centers deliver immersive experiences and deep technical engagements.  Our senior architects help you understand what's possible and make it real by creating solutions to achieve business outcomes.

Not your average business meeting

A global network of over 40 Centers

Meet the team

During your visit, you'll spend time with some of Microsoft's most senior and tenured technical leaders - as part of our global MTC community.


Technical Architect

Christine on the opportunity ahead

Christine Trudeau, MTC Toronto, is excited for a new era of innovation: "I feel like now – more than any other time in my career – there are no constraints, like everything is wide open"
Christine Trudeau of MTC Canada stands beside a window in the Toronto MTC. A Microsoft logo is illuminated through the glass.
Sam Istephan stood behind a large Microsoft sign at a convention
Technical Architect

Sam's typical day

Sam Istephan, MTC Detroit, walks us through what customers can expect from a day at the Microsoft Technology Center - and shares his observations on where customers find the most value.

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