Black Tar Road
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A junkie love story between two women, a truck stop prostitute and a female drug mule trucker, who fight to overcome their addictions and the local drug dealer and find love, and hope in the middle of a dark place along the highway going nowhere. The film plot revolves around Charlie and Heather as they try and escape their caged and troubled lives in a small town off the interstate in Texas. Both have unspecified trauma in their past, and the two lovers indulge in heavy drugs. Can their love survive sobriety? Dirty, sweet and magical, the movie swirls kaleidoscopically through desolate terrain. It's meant to be a guerrilla film-on-the-fly, latticed like the broken windshield of perception. Black Tar Road is a movie about hope and catastrophe. It’s a frenetic, Odyssey-like journey through an underbelly of a drug muling culture with addiction. Along the way we encounter colorful characters, each with their own anomalous perspective of the tragic world they feel stuck in.

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Amber Dawn Lee
Rob Brownstein
Jeff Chassler




English (CC)

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1 h 25 min




Amber Dawn Lee


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