What's new in this version

Celebrating eight years of dragon fun, don't miss out on this special update! - Join the birthday treasure hunt to get plenty of riches and a chance to collect all previous birthday dragons! - Ancient dragons are back! Don't miss your chance to collect these amazing creatures. - Our water-themed rabbit dragon makes a splash as we gear up for the Year of the Rabbit!


  • Collect hundreds of adorable dragons, raise them with love and embark on new adventures together
  • Get to know each dragon’s individual personality as you interact with them and raise them
  • Explore the world as you wish, conquering Gold Mines or liberating Dragolandia from the Vikings
  • Dozens of dragon species to discover from various elemental families, each with special powers
  • Strategic 3-on-3 battles that keep you engaged, whether you battle friends or the Viking Lords
  • New events all the time: Complete them with friends for the most fun and the biggest prizes!
  • Build a custom dragon Island full of habitats and other fun stuff, and visit your friends’ islands