Irish Prayers: Irish & Celtic Music with Gregorian Chants (Tranquil World)
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Mystic Ireland - rich in culture, forgotten, rediscovered and is now more popular than ever. Ireland’s musical tradition stretches far back into the past. Irish songs and ballads have many of their origins in the ancient Gaelic poetic tradition, and are characterized by idiosyncratic Irish rhythms and verse order. This is true of the prayers set to music here; they derive from the Middle Ages (parts of them have even come down to us in the Gaelic language), and they were collected and written down by Benedictine friars from the Emerald Isle. The music conjures up a mystical image of the atmosphere of long-ago days, a journey back into the roots of Celtic culture. Using the instruments native to Ireland such as the fiddle, harp and guitar ­ the mystical ballads presented here will carry you away into a world of harmony, calm and meditation. [1] ANTIPHON TO MARY: “O Frondens Virga” [2] SUNDAY MORNING: “Invocation of the Light” [3] PRAYER OF CEMETERY: “Joyful Resurrection” [4] SANCTI, VENITE: “Draw Near and Take the Body of the Lord” [5] GUARDIAN ANGEL PRAYER: “Angel of God” [6] IRISH FOLKTUNE [7] THE LORD’S PRAYER: “Our Father - Pater Noster - Ár n-Athair” [8] PSALM 150: “Praise God in His Holy Place” [9] NIGHT PRAYER I [10] ST. PATRICK’S BREASTPLATE: “Irish And Celtic Pray” [11] NIGHT PRAYER II: “O Come, Bless the Lord” [12] SUNDAY EVENING: “Evening Praise for the Light” Performed by ST. PATRICK BOYS / Words: Manuscripts and Book of Prayer, 16th century

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