King Boxer
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Veteran boxer, Sung Wu-yang (Ku Wen-tsung) is beaten up by Wan Hung-chieh (Chan Shen), and saved by his daughter, Ying-ying (Wang Ping) and a disciple, Chao Chih-hao (Lo Lieh). Later, the old boxer advises Chao to improve his fighting technique at the Shang Wu Institute in order to capture the All China Boxing Trophy. On the way, Chao rescues a girl, Yen Chu-hung (Wang Chin-feng), from Wan Hung-chieh and his thugs. At the institute, Chao discovers that the manager, Meng Tung-shan, his son, Meng Tien-hsiung, and a thug, Chen Lang, scorn Sung Wu-yang and the institute’s coach, Sun Hsin-pei, and are bullying the locals. Chen Lang (Chin Chi-chu) becomes Chao’s bitter enemy, and the latter leaves the institute to further his training with Sun Hsin-pei in order to oppose Wan Hung-chieh, Chen Lang, Meng Tung-shan and his son. When a jealous former classmate, Han Lung, injures Chao’s hands in a fight, Yen Chu-hung rescues him and they fall in love. Soon, though not fully recovered, Chao is picked to fight in the great tournament. The same evening, old Sung Wu-yang dies. Meng Tung-shan now finds little use for Han Lung and has his eyes gouged out. After Chao wins the trophy, the blind Han Lung kills Meng Tung-shan and his son, and gains Yen Chu-hung’s love.

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Cheng Chang-ho


Shaw Brothers Collection



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