What's new in this version

v1.4.3 - Fixed scaling issue when display scale is not 100%


  • AMAZING BOAT PHYSICS - Power slide through twisting rivers with the most realistic swamp boat physics ever seen.
  • COMPLETELY DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS - Crash through docks stacked high with barrels. Demolish shacks and outhouses. Punt gators and chickens. If you can see it, you can smash it!
  • SMUGGLE YOUR WAY TO RICHES! Buy and sell contraband goods like Moonshine and Tobacky, smuggling them from one colorful locale to the next in a race for maximum profit.
  • GORGEOUS HD - Explore a colorful southern world filled with high-detail boats, animated characters, beautiful bayou, marsh, and mountain environments, all running at a silky smooth framerates.
  • PLAY THE WAY YOU WANT - Supports tilt and touch controls, as well as keyboard and gamepad.