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When Thomas Montgomery, a married, upstate NY factory worker and father starts playing games online, he gets a lot more than he signed up for. A beautiful teenager, screen name talhotblond texts him hello, then sends a provocative picture. He's hooked. But in order to keep her attention, Montgomery pretends to be a buff, brave 18 year-old soldier who's off to Iraq to protect America. He creates a new persona, and a new screen name: marinesniper. The ensuing online romance between talhotblond and marine sniper is epic, Montgomery's lies keep flowing with every keystroke, until the day his cover is blown. The furious teenager wants revenge, and extracts it by starting an online affair with one of Montgomery's co-workers, Brian Barrett, who's young and handsome, and most importantly, telling the truth about who he really is. The young vixen plays wicked mind games with both men, pitting them against each other, raising the levels of desire and deceit until the fantasy escalates and explodes with jealousy and rage that leads to a real life murder. One person ends up dead, and another in prison, all because of a girl no one ever met in person. And it’s only after the murder that the whole truth about this story is finally revealed… Drawing from exclusive access to Internet messages, secret notes and letters, as well as police evidence files and prison interviews, talhotblond details the horrific results of what can happen when people lie online.

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Barbara Schroeder




English (CC)

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1 h 15 min




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