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In writer/director Richard Shepard's dark comedy THE MATADOR, Julian Noble is a hit man who's very good at what he does. He’s in Mexico City doing another job but sadly for Julian, he has reached a low point in his life—the murder business has all but killed him. Danny Wright is also in Mexico City on business, although a decidedly different kind of business. Danny lives in Denver with his wife Bean, and while they may have troubles financially, there is a youthful lust between them that belies ten years of marriage. Danny finds himself in Mexico City for a business opportunity whose outcome could be the difference between solving all his financial problems or falling even deeper into debt. One night, at the hotel bar, these two men meet. Before long, they find themselves involved in a strange friendship—built on the dark and drunken honesty shared among strangers who believe they will never see each other in the light of day. Spanning four countries, six months and many margaritas, THE MATADOR takes the hit man film and spins it on its head, creating a character-driven story that’s hip and hilarious—strange and full of unexpected heart. Featuring a bold, outrageously original performance from Pierce Brosnan, and a funny, unexpected turn from Greg Kinnear, THE MATADOR is a buddy film, blended with extra tequila.

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