Formulas for success with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

No two organizations are alike, and neither are the solutions needed to achieve meaningful business results. The one common challenge for every organization, however, is the need to unlock the potential of data to proactively guide the right business outcomes. Dynamics 365 and Power Platform help you achieve this by connecting all of your data, then revealing exactly the insights you need to solve challenges unique to your business.

Think of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications as formulas for success. Each application is a building block that connects to data sources across the business to reveal insights that help your team take proactive action and predict the next best action. As you add new Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications to the mix, you get a more holistic view of the business, from marketing to sales to back-office operations.

Let me highlight three examples of these formulas in action, first spotlighted at Microsoft Ignite 2019.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights + Microsoft Power Virtual Agents + Microsoft Power Automate + Microsoft Power Apps = proactive, predictive customer service and innovative self-service apps.

We all want faster ways to get answers and action from the brands we rely on. TruGreen, one of the largest lawn care companies in the United States, knew that to transform the customer experience, the team had to shift to a culture of innovation. Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Customer Service are the catalyst bringing to life this vision of always-on self-service coupled with highly personalized interactions.

TruGreen is using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Microsoft Power Automate to implement an AI-driven virtual agent that handles routine customer inquiries and takes action based on a view into the customer’s intent from Customer Service Insights. The virtual agents seamlessly connect to Dynamics 365 Customer Service to provide even more proactive and predictive services.

The team is also developing innovative solutions with AI Builder and Microsoft Power Apps, including a mobile app that lets customers identify an image of a plant or weed captured using their smartphone, view care tips, and access specialists for more assistance, putting TruGreen’s expertise in the hands of customers, available any time.

Watch the video below and read the full story to see how TruGreen bridged the gaps across personalized customer service and innovation.

AEP Energy

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights + Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Dynamics 365 Sales + Microsoft Power BI = 360-degree view of customers’ energy needs and preferences.

AEP Energy, a retail electricity and natural gas provider, wants to help customers with efficient and sustainable energy solutions. To keep pace with rising customer expectations, AEP Energy wanted to gain a truly 360-degree view of the consumers and businesses.

A key ingredient in their formula for success was the Microsoft customer data platform—Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. AEP Energy engaged Avtex, a customer experience (CX) consulting and technology company and Microsoft partner, to unify data from all sources, including customer interactions in CRM and ERP systems, utility signals and usage, and transaction histories. These comprehensive unified profiles, when combined with AI, deliver insights that are activated in Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Sales to optimize customer engagement. As a result, energy managers now have the ability to use predictive data modeling in Microsoft Power BI to accurately estimate a customer’s cost savings from alternative energy solutions.

Watch the video below and read the full story to see how AEP Energy is deriving value from unified customer data to deliver consistent and personalized experiences. Also, watch this demo from Microsoft Ignite 2019 for a deeper dive into the capabilities.

American Red Cross

Microsoft Power Platform + Microsoft Teams = streamlined operations and responses to national disasters.

The TruGreen and AEP Energy stories showcase how Dynamics 365 applications unify data for more informed, personalized service. Microsoft Teams works seamlessly with Power Platform and Dynamics 365 to help unify people, empowering workers to collaborate in a data-driven business.

When the American Red Cross responds to disasters, they need clear lines of communication and collaboration across agencies and groups. They now leverage this power-combination of Teams and the Power Platform to exchange information. Power BI interactive cards in the Teams chat experience help people find and take actions on data. Groups can create new kinds of automated workflows, like triggered actions when a keyword is mentioned. And Power Apps can be published as Teams messages for fast access.

What’s your formula for success?

These three examples offer a peek at what’s possible when you combine Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications, in addition to Microsoft 365 and Azure services. Each element has a compounding effect on your business outcomes, bringing clarity and direction to your business.

Learn more about how these organizations are implementing Dynamics 365 and Power Platform visit the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform websites to explore more solutions. Also, browse more winning formulas in our gallery of customer stories, and reach out to learn how Dynamics 365 and Power Platform can help solve your toughest business problems.