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Partnering to help customers return to the workplace

Today’s all-digital Microsoft Inspire event is just one example of how organizations are adjusting to the challenges of our current environment. While large gatherings of thousands of global attendees are still off the table, many organizations around the world are planning—or starting to implement—a phased approach to restoring operations and reopening workplaces.

The Microsoft partner community is helping thousands of organizations navigate complexity and uncertainty not just to safely reopen workplaces, but also to rapidly adapt operations, infrastructure, and processes for the best future outcomes—no matter the challenge.

Fast, agile solution delivery

Partners like Mazik Global have already seen incredible demand from customers seeking to reduce workplace risk and increase team confidence as they return to the workplace. By leveraging the MazikCare platform and the Power Platform, Mazik was able to deliver a comprehensive solution to market in just three weeks that can be implemented in as little as three days. The MazikCare Back to Work solution specializes in giving healthcare facilities, higher education organizations, and manufacturing businesses the real-time data and case management visibility necessary to reopen their unique facilities and remain open safely.

“During the unprecedented time we all find ourselves in, finding a partner to assist us in navigating the return to work process was extremely important to OneDigital,” explained Ragan Fabrici, Vice President, Human Resources, OneDigital Health and Benefits. “We are excited to have a streamlined process for returning to the office in a multi-state, extremely complex environment. The MazikCare Back to Work app is an invaluable tool for our company and teams.”

Bringing policy and technology together

Customers are relying on partners to help them understand and implement the policies and procedures necessary to enable a safe, effective return to work strategy. KPMG created its Restarting America program to prepare organizations for carefully phasing employees back into the workplace and advancing operations with decision support, integrated technology, and risk frameworks. The solution, built on Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Azure, supports CEOs, HR, IT professionals, and employees with services and data models, analytics, and access to cloud technology products that can provide quick analysis in a volatile environment. The solution can also co-exist, be built on, and integrate with a client’s existing workflow, case management, and engagement apps, as well as their cloud.

As Swami Chandrasekaran, Managing Director, Digital Lighthouse at KPMG outlines: “We have digitized policies and protocols into frameworks and accelerators that can help customers analyze risk and allow them to make data-driven decision in an environment that changes on an hourly or even minute-to-minute basis.”

Watch the full interview with KPMG.

Build your return to the workplace practice

With so many organizations globally looking for help returning to the workplace, we want to make sure you have the tools you need to make them successful. As announced yesterday, we’ve released a return to the workplace solution built on the Power Platform that will make it even easier for partners to quickly help businesses get safely back to work. In addition to these pre-built templates, we have created content and offers to help you drive return to work conversations and accelerate adoption. Here’s what you can do now to leverage these resources:

  • Upload your solution to AppSource with #R2W and #ReturnToWorkplace so that customers and Microsoft sellers can discover your apps and services. Our demand generation campaign is pointing customers to AppSource to find return to the workplace apps and services.
  • Use FY21 Partner Offers announced this week to fund for pre-sales activities that help customers assess and adopt return to work solutions.
  • Register for the virtual event held on Aug. 6, 2020 that will provide details on the new return to the workplace solution and host a partner deep dive and Q&A session.