Driving return to the workplace success with Power Platform

We have seen strong adoption of our return to the workplace templates across the globe as customer and partner organizations see value in the agility and speed that Microsoft Power Platform offers in driving immediate, impactful business transformation.

A great example of this is Seattle Visiting Nurses Association (SVNA). When COVID-19 made employer-hosted clinics impossible, Microsoft partner Signetic collaborated with SVNA to streamline their operations for administering flu vaccines and completely reimagining their business model.

Optimized business models for enhanced performance

Using Power Platform, Signetic was able to help SNVA transform its paper-based system into a digital app that individuals use to sign up for an immunization clinic appointment at drive-through locations. This new business model enables safety of staff and patients while dramatically reducing the time with each patient, allowing SVNA to perform more immunizations. Power Platform helped Signetic condense the typical six-month development cycle to just eight weeks—something they would not have been able to do without Power Platform.

“There’s common wisdom out there that when it comes to development, you have to pick two: speed, cost, or precision. With Power Platform, that’s not the case. It’s a HIPAA-compliant solution, so that’s precision; we cut development time from six months to two months, so that’s speed; and the cost is a fraction of what that development would normally take. Right now, Power Platform is this rule-breaking scenario.”—Lucas Svec, VP of Digital Transformation, Signetic

Read the full story and download the case study to learn how Signetic uses Power Platform to help immunization providers return to work.

New blueprint to return to the workplace

As part of our continued commitment to help our partners and customers address these challenges, we have worked with Applied Information Sciences (AIS) to deliver a Return to Work, Return to Growth strategy white paper. This new resource provides actionable guidance on the best way to approach return to the workplace engagements.

As the Microsoft 2020 Worldwide Partner of the Year for Power Apps and Power Automate, and the originator of community-owned Power Platform Adoption Framework, AIS has a unique perspective on using Power Platform to drive transformation during these challenging times. The questions we are hearing from customers—and seek to address in this paper—are around these two primary areas:

First: How do employees return to work safely?

Will the technologies that allowed employees to be productive remotely support them in returning to workspaces? What has Microsoft created to help employees be successful from here, and how do employees rapidly deploy and use those technologies?

Second: How do we then return to growth?

Ultimately, more important than returning to work will be leveraging today’s investment so that we may return to growth and prosperity in the months and years to come. The current environment presents us with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the world of work.

Today’s C-level conversations emphasize employee safety and business continuity as top priorities. However, attention will turn to the “next normal” in a post-COVID reality. Employee wellness will remain top of mind, remote operations will continue to be vital, organizations may need to rethink their real estate and use of space, and business growth will be measured differently from before the pandemic.

Revolutionize your daily agility and workforce

All of these priorities will require new automation, which is where Power Platform shines. The return to the workplace solution is an ideal test case to prove both short- and long-term benefits of building skills and business processes around low-code, automation, and analytics capabilities that can revolutionize the daily agility and impact of your workforce.

“Without Power Platform, it would not be possible for us to roll out this solution so quickly. The applications Signetic provided were critical for SVNA to get back to work and function through a contactless model. SVNA wouldn’t have been able to reinstate its core business, let alone start looking for new ways to serve its customers.”—Chandika Bhandari, founder of Signetic

As you work through the challenges of returning to the workplace quickly and safely—and lay the foundation for future growth—these resources can help you: