Want a tech job, but don’t have time to learn to code?

We could also use more technical skills right about now, whether we’re looking to pursue a new job or simply do our existing job better. What if you could learn a crucial tech skill and mobile app development without having to learn to code first?

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a global skills initiative where we sought to skill 25 million people worldwide in tech to combat the highest unemployment rates that we’ve seen in the past 80 years.

Build powerful business apps with Power Platform

In partnership with our friends at Udacity.com, a learning platform for job seekers, we are launching our first free course that teaches low-code application development with Microsoft Power Platform. This course will walk students step-by-step through building Android and iOS apps with Microsoft Power Apps, automate tasks in your app with Microsoft Power Automate, and even harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) using AI Builder within you app 

5 lessons students will learn

Lesson 1: What is the Power Platform

Students will learn why low-code development is important, what Power Platform is, all the job opportunities that currently exist, and how they can best set themselves up to be successful during this course.  

Lesson 2: Creating your first app with Power Apps

Students will deep dive into Power Apps, the low-code app building functionality of Power Platform. By the end of this lesson students will have built a detailed mobile app from a template and modified it to solve their own problems.   

Lesson 3: App development

Students will build their own app from scratch. They will build an inventory tracking app with a simple user interface that they will then hook up to a datastore. They will be able to use this app to solve any inventory management problem in their life or work.  

Lesson 4: Using Power Automate to automate tasks

Students will learn to automate tasks and workflows by building their own flows in Power Automate. Students will build flows in their apps and then learn about how to create “triggers” to actually trigger those flows.  

Lesson 5: Adding AI Builder to your app

This is the “magic” lesson. Students will learn what AI really is. They will create a business card scanner and a receipt scanner using pre-built AI models using AI Builder and then will learn how to build and train their own AI model for their app.   

By the end of these lessons, students will have an app that they will be excited to show off to their co-workers, interviewers, family, and friends.  

The course takes 10 to 20 hours or so to get through for someone new to Power Platform, and the course provides lessons, exercises, and quizzes to help students learn and retain the information. The course also walks students through the process of seeking out job opportunities for Power Platform wherever they might live as well as remote opportunities.

Students will walk away with an app they have built themselves that they can show off in job interviews or in their workplace with the skills to build other apps to solve problems in their life and business. Absolutely no software development skills are required to take this course.

Learn low-code app development today

According to a LinkedIn study, there are currently projected to be almost 150 million vacant app development roles open by the year 2025. Currently there are not enough tech-skilled people in the world to start these jobs. Most people we know don’t have the time or money to attend an expensive coding bootcamp or get a time-consuming Computer Science degree. With our free course, you will be well on your way to learning the skills to pursue one of these jobs.

You can sign up for the free course now at Udacity.com.

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