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Microsoft acquires Clear Software to enhance connectivity to systems of record

Organizations depend on their business applications to work seamlessly across many different systems and data stores. Customers need to know that their most critical business processes are built to optimize working across those systems and data sets no matter how complex the process becomes. Customers will benefit from stronger Microsoft Power Platform integration with outside systems.

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SAP integration

Digitally transform with your Microsoft Power Platform and SAP investments.

Today, Microsoft is announcing that we have acquired Clear Software. Clear Software provides iPaaS and business process solutions with strong connectivity into SAP and Oracle. Clear Software’s API access and system knowledge will strengthen Microsoft Power Platform’s integration with outside systems and accelerate how customers leverage data and processes that reside beyond Microsoft first-party services.

We want to make it easier for customers to integrate a variety of systems when they build business applications with Microsoft Power Platform. The Clear Software integrations will make it a more seamless experience to use Power Apps and Power Automate to build business applications and automations over complex systems like SAP and Oracle.

It comes with more than 100 pre-built abstractions over these systems and can be customized in UI to support each organization’s unique needs. We will share more with customers about how to access the new capabilities in the future.

We are continuously working to enhance our connectors and integration of third-party systems across Microsoft Power Platform and look forward to sharing these updates with customers.

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