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6 min read

A year of Microsoft Copilot: Accelerating innovation with AI-powered low-code 

The past 12 months marked the beginning of the era of AI. In March 2023, Microsoft took the lead in AI transformation with the introduction of Microsoft Copilot, which has since been deeply integrated in the company’s portfolio—including Microsoft Power Platform—with generative AI transforming how organizations work, collaborate, and create.

8 min read

Protect enterprise solutions with new Microsoft Power Platform security features  

This month we are announcing several new security features for the Power Platform. Admins will now have one place to manage Power Platform security at scale using the new Security Hub. Multiple advanced data exfiltration protection features are being added, including the next generation of network isolation and continuous access checking.

5 min read

Prompt engineering made easier with AI Builder 

Today we are excited to launch a new set of prebuilt AI functions that can be easily added to a low-code solution without having to engineer a custom prompt. These prebuilt functions provide a great starting point to combine the power of LLMs and power of low-code, but they are just scratching the surface of what is possible.