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Get visibility into the apps that your organization is building!

As an environment admin, you can now download a list of apps being created in the environment from the PowerApps admin center. If you are an Office 365 Global admin or an Azure Active Directory tenant admin and you have a PowerApps Plan 2 or Plan 2 trial license, you can download the list of apps for all the environments in your organization. The list contains the app name, the creator of the app, the connector that the app uses to connect to the data source, and other information.


Download the list of apps

  1.      In the PowerApps admin center, click on Environments near the left edge and select the environment for which want to view the list of apps:

  2.      Visit Resources from the horizontal navigation and select Apps. Download the list of apps by clicking the Download the list of apps button as shown below:

  3.      Wait a few minutes for the .csv file to download, and then open it in Excel.


What information is in the .csv file?

In an example of the Apps .csv file:

The first column represents the Environment Name in which you can find these apps, followed by App Id and Display Name of the apps. Number of Connections and Connection References indicates the data connections used in the app.

We are working on adding more details and enhancing this functionality. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions, along with your requirements.