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AI Builder Form processing now lets you recognize undetected fields

With AI Builder Form Processing, you can automate the extraction of text data from forms you work with every day, such as invoices, purchase orders, tax forms, and others.

We have seen great enthusiasm around From Processing as businesses of all sizes leverage this capability of AI Builder to modernize their business processes. The top ask we have received for this scenario has been to be able to indicate fields that are not detected when training a model. Today we are excited to announce that you can now draw fields that were not automatically detected by AI Builder, available in preview.

Get started

It’s easy to get started leveraging this feature: just create a new Form Processing model and upload at least five forms of the same type you wish to extract data from. For example, you can use five invoices from a given provider from five different months.

Once you have analyzed your forms, you will be asked to select the fields you want your model to extract.

Fields and tables that are automatically detected

Some fields and tables will be automatically detected for you. They are shown by dotted rectangles. To extract these fields, click on the field and confirm the selection.

Fields and tables that are automatically detected

Fields that are not detected automatically (preview)

Previously, any fields that were not detected would not be able to be extracted. Starting today, you can now draw your own rectangle around each of these text fields, name them, then confirm their selection.

Fields that are not detected automatically

You can now also resize any fields that were automatically detected.

Resize fields

Confirm fields

Finally, we will teach your model to recognize these new fields by drawing them in each of the documents you have uploaded.

Learn more

To learn more about creating your Form Processing model, you can refer to this documentation page.

The Get started with form processing in AI Builder module in Microsoft Learn is also a great way to discover the basics of form processing in AI Builder and how it can benefit your business.

We are always working to improve the AI Builder experience. Feel free to share your feedback with us in the AI Builder forum.

We are looking forward seeing all the scenarios you will enable with this new functionality in AI Builder Form Processing!