Announcing General Availability for model-driven apps offline for maker

Do your users need to work on the go with spotty connectivity?

With model-driven apps offline for makers experience in general availability, it is now easier than before to set up an app to work offline. After enabling your model-driven apps for offline, people in your organization can work seamlessly without worrying about connectivity!

You can also choose the offline mode for your mobile apps. We are happy to announce the General Availability of the Offline-first mode that is optimized to improve the device performance and to work better in low-network conditions than “classic offline” mode.

Enable your app for offline from the app designer

In just a few clicks, you, the maker, can enable offline for your mobile users right in the maker portal. You can easily enable the app for offline to all users having access to the app (Default), or to a selected list of Users or Group of users (This option requires admin right).

Once enabled for offline, you will have to associate and offline profile to the app. The offline profile is the configuration of the data to download on the device. If you pick “New profile with current app data”, you will be able to quickly create a new offline profile precomputed by the system from the data configured in your app. You can also select an existing offline profile.

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You can update the offline profile anytime, and add filters or any optimization as recommended in the guidelines.

Offline first

With the mobile “offline first” experience enabled for your model-driven apps, your users will see better device performance, a more responsive app, and lower battery usage as apps make fewer connections to the server.

With “Offline first”, data presented in your app is consistent regardless of the network connectivity. There is no toggle anymore for users to switch from offline to online mode, so users will not forget to sync their changes back to the server. The app will do it automatically. (learn more about the difference between “offline first” and “classic offline”)

We are looking forward to your feedback

Your feedback will help us continue to build on and improve the capabilities of this feature. Share your feedback in comments or on our Power Apps community forum post.

For more details, see the documentation.