Announcing general availability of Microsoft Power Platform Build Tools

Our goal is to enable our customers and partners to spend their time and talent on innovation and building beautiful apps and less time performing manual tasks that are faster and safer done automated. On that note, we are excited to announce the general availability of the Microsoft Power Platform Build Tools. The Build Tools allows anyone to setup DevOps for low-code and pro-code application development for Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and other components supported by CDS solutions. With general availability we are also excited to announce we have added support for Multi Factor Authentication with the introduction of Service Principal Authentication.

This release is part of our continued investment in mature Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) across the platform, hence the change of the name from Power Apps Build Tools that has been in preview until today, to Power Platform Build Tools. As part of this overall effort, we also recently announced a complete rewrite and restructuring of our ALM documentation along with continuous improvements to the solutioning system to support applications that use components across the Power Platform. This now includes canvas & model driven Apps, UI flows (RPA), automated flows, data flows, Power Virtual Agents, AI Builder and custom connectors. You can read more about the Power Platform Build Tools in our documentation here.

This release also includes support for creating an environment on demand and use that environment in subsequent tasks, for example to generate a build artifact.