Announcing general availability of Power Apps Ideas

We’re pleased to announce that Power Apps Ideas is now generally available. Now you can easily write a Power Fx formula using natural language or examples.

With Power Fx, our low code programming language, it makes it possible for hundreds of millions of people with the Excel-like skills to add advanced logic to their apps. However sometimes it’s not easy to write a formula, even for the most experienced Power Fx users, as it may sometimes take a lot of time searching for, learning about and debugging complex formulas.

With Power Apps Ideas, it’s easier for everyone to write formulas by leveraging the power of AI. We’re now supporting more formula patterns covering more controls and properties. We’ve improved our UI to prompt ideas contextually and also displaying ideas in a new, bigger panel. The old ideas pane (next to advanced tab) will still stay there for some time, and we will retire it over time.

Transforming natural language to formulas

After this release, you can write more formulas with natural language, examples include sorting, filtering, searching a table, conditionally format your fields in a gallery, generate text for a label or text input, generate content for a dropdown.

graphical user interface, application, Word
Generate a formula from a sentence

Transforming examples to formulas

With example to formula, you don’t need to worry about writing your own RegEx pattern or what will be the right Power Fx function to use, the AI model behind the scenes will detect the pattern from the desired input and generate one or a few formulas that can do the job for you to pick from.

graphical user interface, application, Word
Generate a formula using examples

We want to hear from you

With the AI assisted features, it will be easier than ever to write your formulas. You can learn more about those features via our documentation. And I encourage you to give it a try and let us know your thoughts by posting on our community forum. We look forward to your feedbacks and will keep enhancing ideas to cover more and more scenarios with high quality suggestions.