Announcing Public Preview of a new Power Apps application on Windows

Power Apps on Windows (preview)

If you want a fast and modern way to get to your apps on Windows devices, this is your week!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Power Apps (Preview) for Windows. You are just few clicks away from installing the brand new “Power Apps (preview)” application from the Microsoft Store. Try it out!

With the new Power Apps (preview) application, your will be able to run apps in offline within a brand new application fully integrated within the Windows OS and supporting the native Dataverse connector and native device capabilities like barcode scanner or Camera controls.

Find all of your canvas and model-driven apps in one place

Now, on Windows, you will find all your apps, model-driven and canvas apps, in the Apps view of the Power Apps (preview) application. Just pick one and you will be ready to go! You can always jump into the App list clicking on the back button of the application.

Make offline-capable apps

Offline on Windows works just like it does on iOS and Android!

If you use a model-driven app, you can configure the app to work in offline creating an offline profile, and if you use a canvas app, you can use the LoadData/SaveData functions in you app.

You’ll find below a very simple example of an implementation of a canvas app supporting offline and using the Native Dataverse Connector:

Users are then able to seamlessly use the app in remote locations, farmlands, warehouse or basement just to name few examples:

Use device capabilities in your apps

With the Camera and the Microphone of your device, you can enable key scenarios: front line users can take pictures to report back on an observation in the field, they can also use a bar code scanner to automatically register a critical information from a document or a phone app, they can also record the outcome of a meeting with a customer.

The new Power Apps (preview) app provides native experiences of the device capabilities. Try them out using media controls (audio and video, barcode scanner, file attachements, …)  in your apps!

Manage Power Apps (preview) with Intune

The new Power Apps (preview) application is a Universal Windows App and is natively supporting Intune for application management. It gives you control over who or which device can install the application, and you can also control the app auto-update if needed.

Install Power Apps (preview)

The Power Apps (preview) application is available in the Microsoft Store store and to install the app, it is just as easy as installing any other Windows app. However, you can check always out the documentation.

What’s coming next

This is just a beginning! We have much more to add to this application. Just to name a few:

We are looking forward to your feedback

Your feedback will help us make this new app even better. Share your feedback in comments or on our Power Apps forum post.

You can also reach me by filling out this form and I’ll get back to you right away.

For more details, see the documentation.