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Announcing SharePoint Online modern list integration and the PowerApps Studio for web preview

Today, we are excited to announce two new ways to create and edit apps using PowerApps in a browser: the first is from within the new SharePoint Online modern list interface and the second is using the new PowerApps Studio for web.

Create new apps from the new modern SharePoint list interface

Last week, the SharePoint team announced the roll-out of their new modern experience for SharePoint Online lists that will be released to Office 365 First Release customers starting on the first week in August 2016.

As a part of this new modern interface, you will now have the option to Create a new app using PowerApps from the command bar of any SPO custom list.

(redline) CreateCommand

Selecting Create a new app will open a panel in SharePoint that allows you to enter a name for your app and kick-off the app creation process.

(redline) CreatePanel

Selecting Create will launch the PowerApps Studio for web in a new browser tab, which will create a default app automatically based the list’s schema and data.  For details on how can you customize and test apps created from SharePoint lists please check out the Create an app from a SharePoint list tutorial. 

(redline) Authoring

Apps that are created through this flow will show up as views within the new SharePoint modern list experience.  This will allow you to leverage PowerApps to build custom, mobile-optimized views of your existing lists and share them with your co-workers.  Furthermore, since PowerApps is a cross-platform service, you are able to run the apps you create across all of your devices including Windows, iOS, Android, and the web browser.

(redline) ListView

Selecting Open from the app’s list view will launch the app in a new tab in the browser.



When can I try it out for myself?

In order to try this flow out for yourself, you will need to get access to the SharePoint Online modern list experience through one of the following ways:

  1. If modern lists are available for your SharePoint site today, then you can try this flow out today! As of 8/1, the SharePoint team has started to roll-out out the PowerApps integration for modern lists to O365 First Release Users and will continue to roll-out this functionality to remaining SharePoint users in the coming months. Note: For future SharePoint list updates you can check out the O365 network.
  2. If modern lists have not already been rolled-out to your SharePoint site, SharePoint has also added support to preview modern lists using a URL query string parameter.  For more information on how to preview the modern list experience for your SharePoint site please see the SharePoint post announcing modern lists.

Announcing the PowerApps Studio for web preview

Today we are also excited to announce the launch of the PowerApps Studio for web preview, which will allow you to be able to create and edit apps directly from your browser.

To try out the PowerApps studio for web preview, navigate to https://web.powerapps.com and select New app from the left navigation bar.

(redline) NewApp

Then select the PowerApps Studio for web option from the modal dialog, which will open the PowerApps studio for web in a new browser tab.

(redline) Modal

When can I try it out for myself?

The PowerApps Studio for web preview is available today to all PowerApps users.

Note: PowerApps Studio for web is in preview and has certain limitations, please see Create an app in a browser for a more details.


We would love to hear your suggestions and feedback regarding our current and upcoming functionality. Please reach out to us via the PowerApps community site.


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