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Announcing the PowerApps Community Champions for September

Have you participated in the PowerApps Community forum lately? It’s the best place on the Internet to meet your fellow users, stay in the loop on special events, and share knowledge. Users from around the world come to the PowerApps forum to find help and ask questions, and your timely answers are viewed by thousands of colleagues and industry experts.

The PowerApps Community appreciates you sharing your knowledge with others, and that’s why each month we’re giving away free PowerApps t-shirts to those users with the most accepted solutions!

Congratulations to the PowerApps Community Champions from September:

  • audrieg
  • hpkeong
  • Perumal

We recognize these people as leaders in the PowerApps Community, and appreciate their efforts to help fellow members and share their PowerApps expertise.

We’re giving away more t-shirts to the members with the most accepted solutions in October! Answer questions, be recognized, and show off your PowerApps pride. (And don’t forget to recognize great solutions to your own questions by clicking on the Solved button next to answers.)