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Introducing Power Platform Advisor

We’re excited to introduce Power Platform Advisor, your guide to personalized best practice recommendations to optimize your Power Platform tenant. It analyzes your Power Platform resources and environments, and offers insights and inline actions to enhance security, reliability, and overall low code health.

With Power Platform Advisor, you can:

  • Get proactive, personalized best practices recommendations.
  • Improve the overall health of your Power Platform tenant.
  • Take inline actions or automate actions using cloud flows.

With this public preview, recommendations are initially focused on Security and Operational Efficiency. Advisor makes it easy to clean up unused apps, lock down overshared apps, and add owners to abandoned apps. You can view these recommendations, see the individual resources involved, and evaluate and take inline actions.

Power Platform Advisor offers several capabilities:

  • Top Recommendations visible on the Power Platform admin center homepage and in the Advisor page that can be accessed from the left navigation menu.
  • Actionable Recommendations for impacted apps and resources.
  • Automated Actions using cloud flows extensibility and the new Power Platform Admin v2 connector (currently in preview).
  • Weekly Focus Card in Teams highlighting the top 2 recommendations based on impact.
  • Share Recommendations feature for team collaboration or to delegate actions.

“At Lumen Technologies, we have found that using advisor in Microsoft Power Platform admin center is essential for our maintenance and governance. It enables us to quickly re-assign apps that have no owner or quarantine apps that are not in compliance. When used in conjunction with the Center of Excellence Starter Kit, advisor completes the picture. We are excited about the investment and the future how with advisor we can better protect and ensure the safety of our data and apps.

Andrew Gaskins, Principal Solution Architect, Lumen Technologies

Power Platform Advisor is accessible to all tenant admins in the Power Platform admin center and customers with at least one Managed environment in their tenant via https://aka.ms/PowerAdvisor. It’s currently being rolled out to all the tenants and will be available in all tenants by the end of this month. Tenant analytics should be enabled in your tenant for Power Platform Advisor to work, and it might take up to 3 days for the recommendations to show up once the tenant analytics is enabled.

Learn more at https://aka.ms/PowerAdvisorDocs.

We are just starting the journey with Power Platform Advisor and have many more recommendations and actions lined up over the coming months. We are eager to see how you will use Advisor to optimize your Power Platform deployments. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences.