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Azure API Management connector on the Power Platform

We are pleased to announce that developers can now leverage Microsoft Azure API Management in Dataverse for Teams. This will further amplify their pro-code component and unlock access to any Microsoft cloud hosted Service with just a few clicks to empower citizen developers to build apps using components that were previously only available through code. We are introducing Azure API Management connectors as a way to quickly publish Azure API Management backed APIs to the Power Platform for easy discovery and consumption, dramatically reducing the time it takes to create apps connecting to Azure services.

This means that enterprises can now truly benefit from existing assets hosted on Azure, by making these available to Citizen developers with just a few clicks in the Azure portal, thereby eliminating the additional steps to go create custom connectors in the Power Apps or Power Automate maker experiences.


Citizen developers can use these API Management backed connectors in Power Apps hosted in Teams through the existing Teams licensing

Read more about API Management and how to export to Power Platform here.