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Canvas app layout containers are now generally available

We are excited to announce the general availability of the container, horizontal container and vertical container layout controls in canvas apps! These controls help you automatically reflow and resize controls within them to enable easy, no expression layouts in canvas apps. Containers make responsive apps much easier.

GIF showing adding a text input, gallery, form and icons, and using layout container properties to make a responsive app

Get started with these controls by navigating to “Insert” on the sidebar, under the Layout category, to insert these controls into the canvas.  To enable your app to be responsive, navigate to Settings, select Display, and turn off the Scale to fit setting.  Responsive expressions with X, Y, Width and Height will continue to play a complimentary role in the building of responsive apps.  For more details, refer to our documentation on responsive apps.

In addition to a focus on quality and fundamentals for containers, we have improved the copy and paste functionality, accessibility for keyboard behavior and have enabled the new screen templates for everyone.

Containers can now be relied upon in production and at scale in apps. We look forward to providing future updates of the documentation and usability of these containers, and adding more capabilities for furthering easy layout and responsiveness.