Celebrating the first graduates of the Microsoft Power Up Program

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Microsoft is a leader in enterprise low-code application platforms. We’re excited to announce that our first 18 learners have successfully graduated from the Microsoft Power Up Program, a 12-week skilling program designed to enable non-technical professionals to successfully advance their careers with low-code application development using Microsoft Power Platform technologies. Congratulations, graduates!

Power Up Program popularity

When we announced the Power Up Program in September 2022, we were amazed by the huge response—within months, we had 87,000+ applicants from 193 countries across the world. We are delighted by the strong support from several subject matter experts in the Power Platform user community who have signed up to volunteer their time and expertise as Power Up Champs. These volunteers are helping nurture the next generation of Power Platform developers. Here’s the excitement shared by one of our current learners:

Just wanted to say that I’m overly excited and grateful for the opportunity to learn the Microsoft Power Platform. I’ve a gut feeling that this opportunity will take my life to the next level. Thank you so much.

Marva Alexander, current Power Up Program learner in the US

Pilot cohort outcomes

Only six weeks after we announced the Power Up Program, we launched a pilot cohort in three regions (Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe-Middle East-Africa) on October 31, 2022. After lots of hard work by dedicated learners and Power Up Champs, 18 learners successfully graduated from the program. Each of these graduates has completed the required learning modules, attended required virtual sessions, and successfully developed an application that passed an assessment by a Power Up Champ. The graduates have been awarded a free voucher to earn a Power Platform certification and a Power Up badge that can be added to their LinkedIn profile. Here’s what a few graduates have to say about the program:

I was very excited, knowing that I had no idea about the Power Platform or what they could offer because of the nature of my original work. With the start of the program, I found that it was an easy and enjoyable course with unlimited help from all volunteers, the program has given me the ability to change the nature of my work in the future in a field that is really fun and suitable for everyone.

Ahmed Hesham, Power Up Program graduate in Egypt

It’s been an incredibly valuable 12 weeks, being part of this programme demonstrated the immediate outcome of how non-tech professionals can easily smoothly learn the low code/no code endless capabilities.  Massive thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform Champs for providing guidance and mentoring us through the programme.

Reem Omar, Power Up Program graduate in United Kingdom

The Q&A sessions were a lot of fun. Working with enthusiastic learners who asked great questions. On the Q&A calls, learners shared their screens, and we were able to work through their challenges together. Learning together is a lot more enjoyable than learning alone.

Hamish Sheild, Power Up Champ in New Zealand

We’re grateful to all the participants in the pilot cohort who provided valuable insights about the content, delivery, and scheduling of the program. We poured those learnings into our design thinking for future cohorts, and we onboarded a new learning management system to deliver the content, track outcomes, and provide community discussion boards.

Gearing up to train thousands

Currently, we have a substantial backlog of applicants due to the high demand experienced during the initial months. We are thrilled to announce that we launched our first large cohort in February 2023, covering the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe-Middle East-Africa regions. And we plan to kick off multiple large cohorts with thousands of learners in the coming months.  

Start learning to create low-code solutions today

We encourage you to consider starting your Power Platform learning journey on Microsoft Learn and stay engaged by joining the Power Platform Community. We are always looking for more volunteer Power Up Champs, and you can apply to volunteer or join the learner waitlist at the program home page.