Copilot brings the power of intelligence to your favorite Power Apps

Since its introduction earlier this year, Copilot continues to change everything about the way we work. Power Apps has transformed low-code development by empowering all app makers to quickly create powerful business apps through intuitive experiences.

Today, we are announcing the availability of Copilot for users of model-driven apps and a major expansion of Copilot control’s capabilities in canvas apps. Now, all Power Apps can be intelligent apps. Makers can easily build apps to boost productivity for users, powered by next-generation AI in an intuitive experience.

Introducing Copilot in model-driven apps

Today, we are rolling out Copilot for users of model-driven apps. Copilot helps users get insights about their data and helps them navigate the app simply through conversation in natural language.

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Copilot in model-driven apps is releasing as part of the Monthly Channel. This enables Copilot to evolve more rapidly based on your feedback, bringing value in smaller and quicker increments instead of making you wait for twice-yearly updates.

To learn more about Copilot in model-driven apps, please read: Add Copilot to model-driven apps

Major boost to Copilot control in canvas apps

Since the release of Copilot control in March, we have received a resounding and clear request: support larger datasets! We heard you, and today we are rolling out an important update: now when you connect the Copilot control to Dataverse, you can ask questions about really large tables – no size limits.

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Pro tip: PowerFx can help you do more with Copilot control. In the example below, Copilot control’s ‘SelectedItems’ property is used to display details about Copilot’s answer in a gallery.

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To learn more about Copilot in canvas apps, please read: Add Copilot control to canvas apps

Your feedback makes Copilot better

Are you curious about how to steer the future of Copilot? Do you have innovative ideas on how to enhance its capabilities? We want to hear from you! Your input plays a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of Copilot. In addition to the current ability for makers to provide feedback about Copilot control in canvas apps, today we are rolling out two new ways to share your voice:

  1. Share your ideas and thoughts through this Power Apps community forum post
  2. Share your feedback directly as you use Copilot in both model-driven and canvas apps


Today’s announcements are available in the United States and English language. While Copilot for app users in model-driven and canvas apps remains in preview, we are aware about the importance and urgency of equipping organizations to leverage these latest powerful capabilities in production. If you would like to use these capabilities in production today, please reach out to us with details about your use via Microsoft Support to request production support.