Dataverse Service Client is now Generally Available

We would like to proudly announce that the Dataverse service client is now Generally Available for developers to use. Dataverse Service client has been in preview for a while, which is why this announcement gives us joy to provide developers with a Generally Available version of this SDK.

How is this different from the CRM Service Client SDk?

The developer community has been building immensely powerful applications using the CRM Service Client SDK. This new Dataverse Service Client SDK has the following capabilities, which enables the community to extend the value of their applications:

  • Cross platform SDK based on .net core.
  • Removed Dynamic Dependencies
  • Works with the Dataverse Web API
  • Targets cloud only Dataverse instances.

One thing to note is that the Power Platform Command line already uses the Dataverse Service client and has been doing that since it was available. Even the GitHub Actions infrastructure uses this SDK, and as of this Azure DevOps tasks are no longer PowerShell based, the Power Platform Command line based …. So, our Azure DevOps tasks use it too!

What are some of the resources available to get started?

Considerations to undertake as you transition your applications from the CRM Service Client to the Dataverse Service Client

Sample code to get started.

SDK API reference documentation

GitHub Repository of the SDK itself


As always you can provide us feedback on the GitHub repository’s issue infrastructure. If you have additional feedback, please reach out to us via the following forums or The PowerUsers community.