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Discover the breadth of the Power Platform with simple and scalable navigation

Introducing the new and simplified Power Apps portal left navigation pane.

Do you find it daunting to navigate through the menu items on the pane today? Do you wish you had a quick and easy way to pin items that are most used by you or get a quick glance of all the product features that can enable you build apps seamlessly or have the flexibility to customize items best suited for your needs?

We are excited to announce that the new and simplified left navigation pane is now available to our makers. With this new experience, you get to see your most used items pinned to your left nav., customize those items by reordering them based on need, unpin items from the left navigation pane, discover a list of features available to you in Power Apps and so much more.

The first time accessing the portal after this update, you’ll see your top 3 most used items pinned, along with a “More” menu – this menu is where you can quickly access top Power Apps items as well as pin/unpin in one click. You can discover all the features available to you by selecting “Discover all” from the “More” menu.

What are the benefits of these new changes?

With this new interface, our makers have:

  • Easy and quick access to all features.
  • The ability to pin/unpin items on the pane.
  • The flexibility of reordering features.
  • Open in new tab/Learn more about a particular item.
  • Discover and manage all the features available to you in Power Apps.
  • Seamless entry points to other Power Platform product portals.
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Figure A: Quick access to all features on Power Apps from the More or Discover page.
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Figure B: New Left navigation pane setup

Power Platform

From the left navigation pane, select Power Platform for easy access to other Power Platform product portals such as Power Platform Admin Center, Power BI, and Power Automate.

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How can I learn more?

Read more about these new changes here: Get started with Power Apps – Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

Let us know about your experience!

We’d love your feedback as we continue to work toward providing seamless interactions to all our customers. Tell us more about your experience using the new left navigation pane.