Finally – Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) on the Power Platform explained

Wondering how to rub a little DevOps on your application development? Or how you can have your app backed by Source Control? As part of our overall effort of healthy ALM across teams building on the Power Platform, we are pleased to announce that comprehensive ALM documentation is available on Microsoft docs here:

We have aimed to create a guide that covers everything from simply explaining ALM for beginners, to how you can move from an environment-centric development to a model where apps and automations are backed by source control and Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration (CI/CD) implemented using Azure DevOps


We hope you find this new content helpful, whether you are a seasoned developer looking to implement DevOps for application development on the Power Platform, or a Citizen Developer wanting to learn how you can move to a more structured approach to application development.  We will be improving and adding more content to this guide as our features/processes evolve.