Goodbye Relevance search, hello Dataverse search!

Relevance search is now Dataverse search to emphasize that all data within Dataverse is searchable. The same goodness of Relevance search will continue and we are committed to make Dataverse search even better!

The new Dataverse search name is visible in the Power Platform Admin Center and the Power Apps maker portal within the updated solution explorer experience, which is in public preview.

Dataverse search enabled by default

Dataverse search is enabled by default for all production environments. Dataverse search remains an opt-in feature for non-production environments and environments using their own encryption key. You can change the setting at any time in Power Platform Admin Center.

21 tables are in the default scope of Dataverse search and reflect the most used tables across Dataverse users. You can customize the search experience based on the needs specific to your business easily and at any time within the updated solution explorer experience.

Enhanced Maker experience for configuring Dataverse search

Power Apps Makers can configure the global search experience in model-driven apps by selecting the tables and fields to be searchable through Dataverse search – all in the context of a solution, within the updated solution explorer. Managing the Dataverse search index inside a solution enables you to export/import solutions that have model-driven apps optimized for search.

View snapshot of Dataverse search on the solution overview page

Get a quick overview of the number of fields indexed for Dataverse search in the current solution.

Configure Dataverse search with updated solution explorer

Select the tables to be indexed for search and use the table’s quick find view to select the searchable fields.

End users can explore data with search in all model-driven apps

With Dataverse search enabled, model-driven apps have a new search experience that enhances productivity by making information discovery fast and easy. These search-centered usability enhancements help you explore data in a familiar and recognizable way, making it an essential part of how you navigate through model-driven Power Apps.

Search bar in the header

Search moves to a prominent place in header. You can consistently see it on any page in any model-driven Power App.

Suggested results, as you type

View search results inline as you type, minimizing keystrokes and simplifying navigation.

Quick actions with search

Some of the commonly used tables are configured to show a set of most used commands to help you complete your task without losing context

All the above end user capabilities are enabled by default with 2021 release wave 2.

Learn more about how to enable and configure Dataverse search and ensure you have the right tables enabled for search.

Review end user documentation to discover all the ways Dataverse search can be used in model-driven apps.

Please share your feedback on our Power Apps community forum post.