Important Upcoming Change: Publishers can modify table properties on non-customizable tables through solutions

Making your managed solutions secure by disabling customization of tables is important to ensure correct behavior for your apps. But sometimes, you might realize you have a managed solution that omits a table level property you need, like auditing.

Today, if you want to change a table level property on a managed solution and Allow Customization is set to Off on the table, you must publish a solution to set Allow Customizations to On , then publish a solution that will make your property change and then the table will remain customizable. This inserts a lot of effort and possible security issues to make a simple change like enabling auditing.

A feature update is being released that will allow a publisher to modify table properties within their solutions even though Allow Customizations is set to off on the table. This provides the level of security needed for the apps without putting speed bumps into the process of making table level changes for publishers.

This change is enabled by default and no action needs to be taken. This will be going live with the October release for Dataverse.

Call to Action:

You will need to validate your existing solutions now to make sure you have no table property changes that you do not wish to occur.

Up until now, if these settings were present, Dataverse would ignore them. The feature update will honor all table property changes so long as it comes from a solution owned by the original publisher. If you do not validate your solutions are created properly, you may see unexpected behavior the next time they are imported.

The following videos demonstrate the difference in behavior that will occur in October:

Updating Table Properties through Solutions – Part 1 shows you what the current behavior is  for these table property changes.

Updating Table Properties through Solutions – Part 2 shows you what the behavior will be after the October release.