Improve monitoring of Dataverse plugins using Application insights

We are excited to announce that Application insights is now Generally Available for Dataverse plugins. We learnt from our customers how important it is to have monitoring available out-of-the-box and to easily get started with samples and recommendations including effective alerts, optimal queries, and customizable reports. To ensure that you can monitor your production workloads anywhere in a trustworthy manner, we have enabled state-of-art monitoring solution built on the Azure Monitor ecosystem designed to help prodevs to diagnose plugin timeouts, create custom alerts and reports, monitor global usage, and automatically detect patterns and anomalies in the telemetry data using the built-in Smart Detection feature, thus helping you to keep it always available, reliable and performant.

How to enable it?

3 easy steps:

Step1- Link your Dataverse environment with Application insights   workspace
Step2-Update your plug-in code with iLogger interface
Step3- Login to Azure portal>Application insights workspace for plugin diagnostics

Troubleshooting plugins inside Application Insights workspace



Get Started Today!

For more in-depth look, you can learn more about monitoring best practices here:

Benefits of Telemetry integration approach
Steps to enable plugin telemetry

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