Improvements to Cascading Merge Transactions

We are continuing to improve how we handle cascading operations in the Common Data Service for model driven apps and Dynamics to allow you to be more productive.

Last year, we made core changes to how cascade assign and delete were functioning in order to provide a better experience. After a period of opt-in, this capability was rolled out to all organizations as an enhancement to help reduce timeouts. Users were delighted that their assign and delete transactions were processed without issue and they were free to continue working while the transactions were completed.

Now we are making similar improvements to merge operations. Just as with assign and delete, merges will happen in the background. When a merge operation is run, if you are on build 9.1.0000.20463 or greater, instead of waiting on the submit screen until the job is completed which can take several minutes, you will instead be informed this will be handled in the background. You immediately have control back and can proceed with any other tasks you have. Administrators can see when jobs complete and if there are any issues with the jobs, they can see and take action based on the messaging.

We are also working to improve the communication for cascading jobs for users and administrators in the near future to provide easier access to information successful and failed transactions.

The document on asynchronous backend processing provides additional details.

Please see more information about merging records in power apps.