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Inline editing, modern browsing, and more with the new Power Apps grid control

We are excited to announce the public preview of the Power Apps grid control in model-driven apps! This represents the next evolution in grid experiences for model-driven apps, as this new modern grid control includes not only the accessibility and design enhancements from the modern read-only grid control but also boasts the following additional capabilities:

  1. Inline editing – While the Power Apps grid control can be used in read-only mode to let users view and open records in views and subgrids, this control also has an editable mode that enables users to make edits to records directly in the grid without having to navigate into a form first.
  2. Infinite scrolling – Users no longer need to explicitly move between discrete pages of data to browse through data. Instead, we are providing a modern browsing experience that allows users to scroll indefinitely through data until they find the record(s) they are interested in. While this behavior is enabled by default, makers do currently have the option to turn off this capability and have paging buttons instead.
  3. Customized cell renderers/editors – While this grid uses modern Microsoft Fluent controls to allow users to see and edit values in the grid, we recognize that some scenarios may have special needs that require modifications to the out-of-the-box visuals and user interactions. The Power Apps grid control allows a maker to make modifications to one or more columns via the “Customizer control” property.

This is only the beginning! More capabilities are planned during the preview phase to bring the Power Apps grid to parity with the existing out-of-the-box read-only and editable grids, including support for grouping, nested grids, and client APIs.

We look forward to hearing your feedback through the community post Power Apps grid control feedback.