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Introducing improvements to data storage in Common Data Services

Applies to: CDS, Dynamics 365 v9.1

This year, we set out to bridge the gap which was making use of binary data cumbersome in Common Data Services and Dynamics 365. We are excited to announce the latest improvements to Common Data Services which add options for binary data storage.

Introducing File and Image datatype

With the latest release of Common Data Services we are providing the capability to add File or Image fields to OOB or custom entities. It can be implemented through the Maker Portal for Canvas apps now,  and with Model Driven apps in the near future. As of today, fields of this type can not be used in forms, dashboards and content is not available for search. Power Automate shortly adding

APIs are available and described here.

This capability does not replace existing functionality. The entities may take advantage of it and at the same time have Notes with attachments associated with them.

File and image field capacity usage information available to tenant administrator through https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/capacity-storage report.

Use of attachments

There are no functional changes in the way Attachments for both Notes and Activities are used. All existing functionality is backwards compatible. However, we recommend that for files and images greater 5MB new File and Image datatypes be considered as the APIs are optimized for binary usage.

Screenshot of entity with file fields.

Introducing update to App Source Attachment Management solution

Shortly, the App Source is going to be updated with new solution ( for Attachment Management that will allow customers to opt in to the experience that would provide a copy of all attachments in CDS providing the native experience for the binary use in CDS.  Once the consent is provided, it is an irreversible process. The process does not replace original solution which will continue to exist per solution owner discretion.