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Introducing the Modern App Designer (Preview)

We are excited to introduce the modern app designer, a new authoring experience now available in Preview worldwide. It is now easier and faster than ever to get started and build model-driven apps. With just a few clicks, you can get robust, powerful grids and forms on top of Dataverse, and preview your app changes directly in the authoring experience.

The modern app designer has been streamlined to make adding items to your app and sitemap simple. Choose which pages to add and which should appear in your navigation. You can also resize the app in the preview to see how it looks in different form factors. With links to edit tables, views, forms, dashboards all from the designer, you can get to what needs customization fast.

To try out this new experience, you’ll need to opt in on create of the app, or to edit in the preview version. See more details in our documentation.

This new authoring experience builds a foundation for many more exciting features coming in the next few months and beyond. Including the previously announced custom pages, customization of model-driven commands among others. There are still some known gaps between the modern and the classic app designer we will be working to close. There is a switch to classic button that will launch the classic app authoring experience that can be used to accomplish tasks that aren’t available yet.

We want your feedback on this new addition to the maker experiences! Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the community.

Happy Building!