June 2023 modern controls update

Note: This blog is in continuation of the announcement of modern controls coming to canvas apps & new look for model driven apps. You can find the May 2023 updates here.

We thank our community and users for the active engagement on the journey to modernize Power Apps. This blog outlines the modernization updates we rolled out or are rolling out on both canvas and model apps.

Modern controls updates in canvas apps

Below are the updates for modern controls:

  • New control released:
    • Slider – We added a slider control for our makers with vertical and horizontal layout options available for this control
  • Key control improvements: We are constantly shipping improvements based on our maker community feedback. Here are the latest updates:
TextNew properties available – Vertical Align and Auto Height. Fixed overflow and truncate issues on the control
SpinnerRemoved white background from spinner control and made it transparent
TabListUpdated the properties to be consistent with other controls. RenderSize is now called Size property with large as the default value

Visual improvements in model apps

In June we’ve released the following updates to our modern apps preview:

Updated read-only UI for controls

Based on feedback from our customers and community, we have enhanced the read-only and non editable fields to have the lock icons next to the label and added a border, background color when disabled. We have made these changes in order to better communicate to an end user that a field is read-only rather than a user discovering a field is read-only through trial and error. The following is the design changes being rolled out now:


New controls released

  • Modern option set control – new dropdown menu
  • Modern date picker control
  • Modern duration control
Modern Duration Control - based on Fluent v9

What is next?

Canvas Apps:

There are several awesome capabilities that we are going to be bringing over the coming weeks: 

  • More controls – Combobox and Toggle:
  • New theming system – We are introducing a new theming system that will allow you to customize the look and feel of apps with greater ease and flexibility. Initial release will support 6 out of the box themes (custom themes are being worked on!)
graphical user interface, application
  • Per control styling – Color and font support that will work with the new theming system (theming will no longer accidentally overwrite per control style changes). Initial release of per control styling is focused on color and font.
  • Improved authoring & controls experience – We are making enhancements to the authoring experience, to make it much quicker and easier to build apps. We are releasing weekly improvements with property set updates and enhanced functionality of existing controls to make them production ready.

Model Driven Apps:

For model apps we will be announcing general availability soon. We will provide specific details in an upcoming blog post.