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Making apps accessible

With accessibility being an important aspect of all Microsoft products, PowerApps has made it possible for apps to be build in an accessible manner.  This allows the consumption experience of apps to be fully accessible, including the in-app experience as well as PowerApps players for the web, iOS and Android.

What is an accessible app?

An accessible app will allow users with vision, hearing and other impairments to successfully use the app. In addition to being a requirement for many governments and organizations, following the recommended patterns increases usability for all users, regardless of their abilities.

To make an app accessible, an app maker needs to consider the app’s layout and colors, keyboard and screen reader support as well as supporting alternative formats for multimedia.  Our guidelines for making accessible apps are a good introduction into the topic.

Can all apps be made accessible?

PowerApps is a powerful tool that allows the app maker to control many aspects of apps’ behaviors.  While we strive to make it possible for all app behavior to be accessible, this may not be possible currently for some app designs.  For more details see our guidelines for making accessible apps.